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Can these shoes help me become a better runner?

That’s a lot to ask of a pair of shoes. But these are not just any shoes, they are smart shoes: The Altra IQ are equipped with sensors built in to the soles that transmit data to a smartphone app as you run. After I made it through the shock of my knee blow out in...

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Update on the lemon family.

Weak joints. Weak stomachs. We are a family of lemons. Luckily we are so damn sweet and wonderful. Well, Puck is. I like to think I have moments. The cats… did I mention how sweet Puck is?   Puck About a month ago, he developed a limp on his right front leg. Honestly,...

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Sun Valley & Park City 2017 Take II: Three wheeling it.

I may have forgotten to mention that Mark and I were supposed to be in Corsica - cycling - right now. For several weeks after I tore up my knee, I was determined I could make it work. I would take my hand cycle: Logistical nightmare. I would rent a hand cycle: Yea,...

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Understanding post injury atrophy. It’s complicated.

I was standing in the gym the other day when a CrossFit buddy saw my un-braced leg for the first time. The extent of atrophy shocked her. How could I have lost ALL my muscle? I was at least partially weight bearing from day 1 post surgery. I started PT within 3 days...

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FREEDOM! Now the real work begins.

I’m going to come right out and admit that when my surgeon told me I could walk out of our appointment yesterday without my brace on, I looked at him like he was crazy. Walk? Without my brace (aka security blanket)? No can do, doc. I love my surgeon and I trust him...

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