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Understanding post injury atrophy. It’s complicated.

I was standing in the gym the other day when a CrossFit buddy saw my un-braced leg for the first time. The extent of atrophy shocked her. How could I have lost ALL my muscle? I was at least partially weight bearing from day 1 post surgery. I started PT within 3 days...

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FREEDOM! Now the real work begins.

I’m going to come right out and admit that when my surgeon told me I could walk out of our appointment yesterday without my brace on, I looked at him like he was crazy. Walk? Without my brace (aka security blanket)? No can do, doc. I love my surgeon and I trust him...

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Dogs, mud and laughter: so good for the soul.

Yesterday morning I woke up to the now familiar patter of rain. It was actually pouring, so a bit more than a patter. We’ve had such a rainy summer here! I can’t complain too much because it means we are not suffering from forest fires. And everything is green and...

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Puck: Part Husky. Part Pointer. Part… Retriever?

The three most common things I hear (and I hear them a lot) when I am out with Puck are: “Wow, look at those eyes!”, “What a beautiful dog!”, and “What is he? A Great Dane?” The eyes are pure Husky. And he is a beautiful dog, in my totally biased mom opinion. However,...

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Feeling great but ready for some solid food.

Juice cleanse day 5 today. Day 5 of 5. Almost there! I feel great; this was definitely the reset I was looking for. My energy has been good and my body and mind feel so much better. Mission accomplished. I know that I feel best when I eat just enough to support my...

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Happy Birthday Puck! 4 years old, still a [lovable] brat.

Puck is 4 years old today – in some ways it seems like just yesterday that I drove from Duluth to Denver with a petrified 9 month old Puck in the back looking at me like I was the Devil incarnate. In other ways it feels like he has always been my lovable brat; we’ve...

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