A coach is a big investment. If you are serious about your goals – no matter what level athlete you are - the right coach is more than worth that investment.

What to Expect From Me

My coaching philosophy is that a program must be personalized to each athlete. There is no one right way to train or one best program. Each athlete comes with different needs, responds to different training, and is able to handle different training loads. My goal is to create a plan that works for you.

What I Expect From You

Coaching is not a one-way street and it is important that you, the athlete, largely drive the coach-athlete interaction. Remember that your input and feedback are critical to your success. I can’t read your mind. Your participation is not limited to completing the workouts. It is important that you communicate everything that affects your training, no matter how small. Only if you ask questions and give me detailed feedback will you get the most out of me as a coach.

I expect you to be willing to work hard but work smart. (That’s another way of saying that you should listen to your coach when I tell you to rest!). Don’t get caught up in the hours, but focus on making every workout count. Consistent & smart training is key.

The Details

  • Cost: $350 per month


  • Minimum commitment: 3 months


  • Training Peaks: You create a Basic Account and link to me. I upgrade you to Premium (included in your coaching fee).


  • Required: Complete all initial forms, waivers and medical information forms.

Nutrition coaching services available soon!

How It Works

After gathering comprehensive information from you, I create an overall plan, upon which the stages of your training will be based. This plan is a framework and takes into account your races & priorities, your experience & fitness level, and your time availability after work, family and life commitments. I then develop the specifics of your plan, with the aim to move you systematically through the different phases of training to prepare you for all your events and to peak for your top priority events. I use the Training Peaks online platform – generally I will input 1 to 2 weeks of workouts at a time – but they are never set in stone – I adjust them as much as needed as life gets in the way. It happens to all of us!

Training Peaks is the main communication portal between you and me. That’s where I tell you what I want you to do and you tell me what you did. I require all my athletes to have – at the minimum – a heart rate monitor watch that will upload to Training Peaks. That is my key window into your training. We can discuss other useful technologies as appropriate.

In addition to Training Peaks, you have full access to me via email & text. I am very responsive to questions and can (generally) make changes to training quickly, although giving me as much notice as possible is appreciated! If you need to speak to me in person, we can schedule a call. I don’t include regular phone calls in my pricing, but I understand that sometimes a phone call can be useful to certain athletes.

Are you ready?