Dedicated Coach

Coaching endurance athletes – triathletes, runners, ultra runners, cyclists, adventure racers – since 2008.

Experienced Athlete

Competing as a triathlete, adventure racer, runner, trail runner and mountain biker for the past 17 years.

Adventurous Soul

Exploring new places – preferably on foot or bike – is my passion. There are so many amazing spaces out there.

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Saying Goodbye to Arizona!

Tomorrow we will pack up and begin our journey home, with a stopover in Moab for a couple days to break up the trip. I am hoping our Suburban survives long enough to get us home. I am also hoping I never drive a Suburban again. I still can’t park the damn thing, it’s...

Update on our slow-motion tour of Sedona.

Hello again from Sedona. I don’t have any epic trail stories to tell. Sorry. But we are slowly making our way around the various Sedona trail areas. Learning the lay of the land. I am sticking to the intermediate trails and finding they suit me and Puck just fine....