Dedicated Coach

Coaching endurance athletes – triathletes, runners, ultra runners, cyclists, adventure racers – since 2008.

Experienced Athlete

Competing as a triathlete, adventure racer, runner, trail runner and mountain biker for the past 17 years.

Adventurous Soul

Exploring new places – preferably on foot or bike – is my passion. There are so many amazing spaces out there.

Discover what you can achieve.

More proof Maya loves me. Setting my sights on ski season.

Back in Crested Butte! I love travel and new adventures – obviously - but I also love coming home. Every time I drive into this valley my soul feels a little bit brighter. The kitties were thrilled to have us back. Maya must have sensed we were on our way home; Friday...

Sun Valley & Park City 2017 Take II: Three wheeling it.

I may have forgotten to mention that Mark and I were supposed to be in Corsica - cycling - right now. For several weeks after I tore up my knee, I was determined I could make it work. I would take my hand cycle: Logistical nightmare. I would rent a hand cycle: Yea,...