My Philosophy

When you hire a coach, you should expect much more than a stock training plan. You are unique, as an athlete and as a person. I don’t expect you to fit into a tidy standard training program; my plan for you will be structured just for you.  As your coach, I take into account your specific goals, your athletic history and every aspect of your life.

My Process

I am constantly learning about you and what works for you. This allows me to give you the appropriate training, so you are challenged, not overwhelmed, over-trained or defeated. I am with you every step of the way, ready to answer any question, give guidance, encourage, listen. I am your coach.

My Experience

I am not just an experienced coach. I am an accomplished athlete. I have competed in most every sport I coach: Triathlon, road running, ultra-running, adventure & obstacle racing. I’ve been where you are. I have worked with very experienced coaches who wanted me to fit into their standard training mold (I didn’t), which eventually led to overtraining, frustration and burnout. This experience drives my coaching philosophy, to look at every athlete as an individual.


Whether you are new to the sport, looking to tackle that next distance or looking for a PR, I can help. I have coached triathletes to finish their first race, reach their next PR, and capture World Championship slots.


I coach road and trail runners of all distances. Over the years I have coached athletes to PRs and to complete their dream race, whether the NYC Marathon or a 100-mile trail race. Whatever your running goals, I can help.

Adventure & Obstacle Racing

Are you looking to combine your love of sports to tackle an adventure race? Conquer an obstacle race? Compete in a running or mountain biking stage race? These races can be overwhelming: I can create the training structure you need.

Discover what you can achieve.


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