I don’t know about you, but a month ago I could not have envisioned the state of the world today. COVID19, you have our attention!

Personally, I am fine so far, and I hope anyone reading this is too. I’m taking every precaution I can, basically staying away from people. It’s not that hard for me: Who knew being a hermit would pay off one day? I travel with wipes and gloves so I can avoid touching any surfaces. And if my hands weren’t already a bloody cracking disaster, they sure are now.

I will only give two pieces of advice, for what they are worth: 1) Remember it’s not just about you/me not getting sick, it’s about protecting the vulnerable people out there. 2) Please leave some toilet paper for others… I spoke to one woman this week who ordered a bidet just in case. I love it.

One of us is happy…

My little furry family is doing well. Zoey continues to get stronger and we are taking longer and longer walks. She is up to 10 minutes on the treadmill too – she hates the treadmill (don’t we all?), but once she gets started, she puts her head down and sucks it up like a little trooper. She’s really pissed that she can’t attack Puck when we are out on our walks but she hasn’t given up trying. Fortunately, at 45 pounds, I can hold her off!

Puck is happy to be home in the snow. Although the snow is disappearing rapidly; we are in our first mud season of the year. Mud makes us all crabby, me especially, so I try to get our walks in very early in the morning while the ground is still frozen.

On Wednesday, I took Puck and Bandit out for a ski, towing Zoey in her ski wagon. We took a small hill a little off balance and she flipped over – fortunately it was very close to the car. Zoey was ok, but we managed to snap the pole that attaches me to the wagon and bend one of the axles. We are bummed (ok, Zoey might not be bummed). I’m trying to get a replacement pole, but they are out of stock; I am going to see just how strong Duct tape really is.

Help, somebody?!

Our CrossFit gym here in Crested Butte is going virtual. Tomorrow I will coach my first virtual class! We’ve checked out equipment to those who want it so people can work out at home. There is always a way, and we are learning to be a little more creative.

The off season appears to be off to an early start here. All the ski resorts are now closed and there has been a consistent exodus of our visitors. Each day is quieter in our little town, but clearly that is for the best right now.

I will stop there, I am sure everyone out there is focused on what the hell their lives are going to look like for the next 2 weeks, month, months??

Be smart. Keep your distance. Stay healthy!