You know when you were a kid and you looked at your parents who refused to listen to the new hip music or embrace the new hip trends: And you thought to yourself “I will never be like that”? And then you hit your 40s and you look at yourself and you think “I am exactly like that”.

No, not you? Well that is definitely me.

I do actually like some of the new hip music. And like many of us I could not survive without my iPhone, even though I probably utilize 1% of its capability. When my sister sent my nephew to visit me last year, she had to give me a quick tutorial on what kids are actually doing with technology these days. It made me want to go back to my cave. I thought Space Invaders was a pretty advanced video game.

Take social media for example: I have ignored social media since it started. Creating the blog was a huge step for me. Imagine my surprise when I found out Coach Cary has a Facebook page?

The embarrassing part is that I have no way to access Coach Cary’s Facebook page. I don’t really understand it, but since I refuse to setup a personal Facebook page, I cannot become the administrator of Coach Cary’s Facebook page.

What I’m trying to say is that I am not ignoring those of you who take the time to comment on Coach Cary’s FB page: I just can’t comment back to you! Because I am a luddite and stuck in my ways. I do see some of the comments on Facebook when my kind (and patient) web guru sends them to me.

I do receive comments that are made directly on my CoachCary website blog: And, of course, I’m well versed in that 20th century email technology:

What I really want to say to whoever is reading this is: I appreciate that you care enough to read my blog!

I have considered starting to use Instagram: I have been considering this for a while and clearly haven’t jumped in yet. Is Instagram still the hip way to communicate or is there something new I’ve never heard about? Suggestions welcome, just not on Facebook!