The shoes are winning.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with my Altra IQ shoes. Though there are times when I want to take them off and throw them out the window.

I have the app programmed to talk to me (at most) every 4 minutes. This means that if Ms. IQ app lady is happy with my run form, she keeps her mouth shut. This does not happen often. Today I made it almost 7 minutes before the first reprimand. After that it was hopeless. I just couldn’t make her happy. But I am learning; I often know what she is going to tell me before she says it. It is correcting it (without overcorrecting) that is the problem!

“It looks like you are running too far forward on your toes”


“It looks like you are over-striding”


“It looks like you are forefoot striking”


In all seriousness though, the information is extremely valuable:

I can monitor my cadence as I run. Interesting side note: the song “Despacito” has a perfect 180 cadence beat.

I can see in real time when I start to run on my toes (on my left foot mainly). I seem to be able to correct it at 60% body weight, but as I increase to 65% and then 70% I am still running consistently on my toes.

Every day in CrossFit I feel like I can do more. Though I am acutely aware of the left/right strength difference. I just have to keep chipping away.

Baby steps.

Making a break for the exit ramp!

Puck has been suffering through PT of his own. He had been limping on his front leg for a while. Of course, as we got closer to our PT appointments in Denver, the limp disappeared. Which is good. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to do a 10-day PT/swim refresher. He is not thrilled.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We went for a bike ride. It was almost too warm.

We then celebrated with sweet plantain guacamole. Which you should make right now. Recipe here. I love plantains. And I love avocados. The combination was awesome.

I ate so much guacamole that I wasn’t sure I had room for our risotto (which amazingly turned out just about perfect) and chocolate mousse. Of course I found the space.

It was 75 degrees today in Denver. Hardly any snow in the mountains. Hopefully December brings a weather pattern change so I can start cross-country skiing.