I had to say goodbye to my little Maya last Friday. It has been strange this past week without her. You don’t realize just how much they are a part of every aspect of your life until they are gone.

She was a trooper to the end. Since she got sick in October, she has been put through the ringer: countless vet visits, emergency ultrasounds, 5 days in the hospital and daily subcutaneous fluid injections by the one human she trusted.

On one of Puck’s beds…

There were moments over the past few months where I thought she might start to bounce back, but she never could. She was down to about 5 pounds (from 11). By the time I took her in she was only able to lick her food and she was crying at me all day. It was clear she was in pain; I couldn’t let her suffer any more.

We took our final car trip together to the vet. I haven’t cried that much for a long time. At least I was with her at the end.

No matter how many times she pooped on my bed, I sure loved the little bugger.

…And another!

Makoya is doing ok. I am sure it is confusing to suddenly not have the sister you have been with your whole life. She is spending a lot more time with me than she ever has. I think we both need it.

Puck is pretty oblivious. Maya was very attached to Puck – whenever he was gone, she would sleep on all his beds – but I’m not sure that sentiment went both ways.