Back in Crested Butte! I love travel and new adventures – obviously – but I also love coming home. Every time I drive into this valley my soul feels a little bit brighter.

The kitties were thrilled to have us back. Maya must have sensed we were on our way home; Friday morning I received a call from my cat sitter (who is all of 12 years old).

There was fresh poop.

On my bed.

Maya’s welcome home present. Sigh.

Family bonding

Puck and I have been busy reconnecting with our friends (and kitties). On Saturday we had a walking date with Alexis and Frank and Edgar. Saturday evening I had very special visitors – one of my best friends (since college!) drove up to see me with her husband. I hadn’t seen Amy for a couple years and it made me so happy that they came all the way up here. We had a great dinner Saturday. Then coffee and a walk on Sunday before they had to leave ahead of the incoming snow. They are actually living in South Korea (way South, fortunately!!), and are only home for a couple weeks. So it was really special to have them here.

On Sunday, Puck got to run with Bandit and Carrie. Talk about a happy boy.

Our snowy Monday walk

On Monday it snowed quite a bit more than I expected. It seems to be just a blip in the weather… hopefully! I’m not ready for serious snow yet. It’s hard to hand cycle in the snow.

My rehab is coming along really well and, honestly, I am way ahead of where I expected to be. It’s a long road to get back to sports, but every week I see progress. On Monday morning I did an official two-legged CrossFit workout. I have to use weenie weights, but I don’t care. It feels like a big milestone. I still have to wear my brace in the gym, but only to prevent my knee from catastrophic bending. It seems a very small price to pay.

I saw my surgeon today. He predicted I would be ready to cross country ski by the time the tendon is fully healed in 6 weeks – Thanksgiving, how appropriate! And he said I should be able to uphill/downhill alpine ski by January. It’s all about making sure my leg is strong enough to handle the activity. That’s my goal. [I didn’t ask about tele skiing. Best not to push my luck.]

Now that I am back here, I have added running on the Alter-G treadmill to my repertoire. I did that today before PT. Somewhere we had a leak in the seal between my neoprene tutu (that’s what it looks like, seriously) and the treadmill; for 20 minutes it sounded like a very loud and continuous whoopee cushion. I think everyone, myself included, was glad when I was done on the treadmill.

The sun is out, the snow is melting and all is right in my little corner of the world.