I generally have no problem with being in the latter half of my 40s. But this whole recovery thing sure would be easier if I was young. My 46-year-old body just doesn’t think it needs to cooperate.

Last Tuesday I had a final follow up appointment with my surgeon. We both agreed I am doing great. But, there is always a but, it sure would be nice if that left leg had some more muscle on it. I should have brought my training log, because then I could have shown him I have been working my ass off! It is not my fault that my leg muscle has decided it can take prolonged vacation.

As I left his office, we agreed that the goal was 99.9% by August 1, exactly one year after injury. Let’s hope so. I have big plans.

I won’t lie: this recovery has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. On Friday, I almost fell to the ground sobbing in CrossFit because I was struggling so badly with lunges. My coach/friend and workout buddies noticed my imminent meltdown and rescued me. Lighter weights and a cheering section.

A great way to start the day

Today I had an amazing skate ski with Puck on fresh snow. The whole time I was so happy to be out there. I felt great! I didn’t wear my brace and I felt strong and solid.

Then I got on the treadmill with you know who (yes, Altra IQ lady is still with me) and she started yelling at me again. She gave me a pitiful 84/100 score on my 10-minute run. ARGH.

I’ll get there. I just have to be ok with the downs and celebrate the ups.

Enough about that. There are some more important things you need to know about. So you can go try them.


I recently found Oat milk. Specifically, I found Oatly oat milk. I don’t typically eat any grains, but this is so worth an exception. It is simply creamy heaven for lattes and hot chocolate. Try it, you will understand.


When I don’t feel like coffee, I am a fan of hot chocolate. I have searched high and low for dark hot chocolate that is relatively healthy, or at least lower in sugar. Until a few weeks ago. Enter Treehouse chocolate. They make the most amazing drinking chocolate. It tastes great mixed with just water and even better with your favorite type of milk (which will soon by Oatly). It is intended to be 6 ounces of drinking chocolate, but because I tend to gulp things, I make it with 10-12 ounces and find it is better than any hot chocolate I’ve had. With just 4 grams of sugar, I’ve labeled it a health food. It could possibly be considered a vegetable.

I’m just saying…