Don’t tell Puck & Zoey how much fun Mom had today while they were in daycare. I love my pups, but sometimes I need a Mom day. I started off the day with CrossFit, then dropped them off at Wag and headed out to ride Tiddlywinks. I rode Funner up this time and Tiddlywinks down. I think it was actually MORE fun than I remembered. Stella definitely helps, I didn’t have her last trip. It’s always a good day when you find yourself giggling on a mountain bike ride, letting out involuntary whoops when you almost catch air (for me, this is not intentional, but it is still fun)!


After riding, I ended up chatting with several other mountain bikers in the parking lot. We were discussing just how fun Tiddlywinks is and swapping best of mountain bike destinations. I have a few more to put on my list!

That leads me to Yellow Bandanas.

I’m drinking a very good Hefeweizen at Bridge 99 Brewery as I write this, so we will chalk up any snootiness that follows to the beer. Deal?

My friends in Park City will understand this reference, but for the rest of you: Park City has a program called the Yellow Dog program. If your dog does not like to be approached, you can have your dog wear one of these Yellow Bandanas as a signal to the world to “BACK OFF!”.

I think this would be a worthwhile program for humans. Or at least for me in certain situations right now.

I love my people, and I don’t know what I would do without my community. But I like to be the one to choose who my people are. When I am traveling, I seek out community in the CrossFit gyms and on the trails. I thoroughly enjoy talking to my fellow CrossFitters and trail users!

I choose to stay at RV parks right now because they are so convenient, but the typical RV park-ers just aren’t my people. I don’t mean that to sound snooty (ok maybe a little snooty, it’s the beer, remember?) but I have almost nothing in common with most of the others at RV Parks. That is not to say they are not nice people; to a person I have only met nice, helpful people at RV Parks. And we know I have had to call on that helpfulness before! But in general I want our relationship to consist of “hi, have a nice day”. However, there is always someone, usually my next-door neighbor(s) who feel we need to become buddies.

I’m not very good at giving off don’t talk to me vibes, so I often find myself stuck in meaningless conversation with a smile plastered to my face hoping I can find some excuse to escape soon.

Let’s be honest, now is a time in my life that have almost zero energy to engage in idle chitchat with people I have no interest in.

How’s that for brutal honesty? I’M ALMOST DONE WITH MY PINT.

If I had a Yellow Bandana, I could put it on as needed and people would understand this:

BACK OFF! I am unpredictable and not to be approached!