Weak joints. Weak stomachs. We are a family of lemons. Luckily we are so damn sweet and wonderful. Well, Puck is. I like to think I have moments. The cats… did I mention how sweet Puck is?



Bandit, followed by…

About a month ago, he developed a limp on his right front leg. Honestly, it is surprising this doesn’t happen more often given his propensity for high-speed face plants, summersaults and collisions with animate, and inanimate, objects. I stopped freaking out about this about 6 months after his final knee surgery. It’s not like my worrying slows him down at all.

With some easier days and some NSAIDs, he has improved. Sunday was his official return to full on Puck craziness. So far, so good. I have been making him do PT for shoulder strength. If I have to do PT, he can too.

… Puck


On Thursday I noticed a small growth on his leg. I suspect a mast cell tumor; he has had one before. This stressed me out more than his limp. I took him to the vet Friday. Tuesday he will have surgery to remove it. My 90-pound, crazy lovable lemon.


Maya & Makoya…

…Are cats. Maya decided pooping on my bed several more times was in order. She is now temporarily banned from the bedroom during the day. They have been taking turns puking in the middle of the night, perfectly timed to wake me up from a deep sleep. They like to puke on the one rug in the house, of course. Maya needs a tooth removed. The poor thing has had bad teeth since I got her. We’ll take care of that later this year.



My recovery is in high gear. The tendon is (should be) nearly healed and I am increasing my activity rapidly.

  • I ditched the hand cycle. It was a lifesaver and I am so glad I had it; but I’m glad to put it to bed [until the next injury – like Puck, I suspect it is only a matter of time].


  • On the Alter G treadmill I’m up to 50% body weight and – wait for it – 5.5 mph (that’s just under an 11 minute mile). Sadly, it feels like I’m sprinting. My leg won’t turn over very quickly yet so my cadence is way too slow, but I’m working on it.


  • I’m increasing my swimming and water running. Some people dread the thought of water running (I won’t name names, Grant) but I don’t mind it. As long as I have my music.


  • I have graduated to two legs in CrossFit, which means I can do the actual workouts. Jumping is still right leg only; hopefully that will change in a week or two. I’m feeling more and more confident. On some days my surgeon is in class with me. Those days I am on my best behavior. I just hope he is impressed with my one legged burpees!


  • Every day I walk with Puck (and often Puck’s doggie friends). Today I made it a whopping 4 miles. It took a long time and I nearly froze. I am glad to have Puck and co.; I have never loved just going for walks, so they get me out there.


  • My trainer spins are becoming more aerobic as I gain strength. I am catching up on movie watching on the bike. If the weather is really nice I take my mountain bike out on the dirt road. We have been lucky with the weather, but winter is definitely on its way.


  • My PT reminded me the other day that strength is much less useful without mobility. Which I know. But this is my weakness. I am trying to commit to stretching and rolling every day. I’d say I’m at 50% compliance. Room for improvement.


  • Add on to all this my 3 days a week of Physical Therapy and it feels like rehab is a part time job. But I am not complaining! I realize how fortunate I am to be able to commit this much time to my recovery.


My Mom visited me last week – it was a great to have her here. We had beautiful weather. It is quiet in town, many places shut down completely or partially for the off-season. So I seized the opportunity to pull out a jigsaw puzzle. Mom is the only one who loves them as I do. She had to leave before we were finished so I’m still chipping away at it.


That’s all for now. I have some puzzle pieces to find.