When I first saw this fuzzy pink saddlebag made by Krieg, I had to have it. And the fact that there was a food bag to go with it was a real bonus. Clearly I love pink and these items match my bike’s flowers. But there is something doubly wonderful about pink AND fuzzy.

That’s just me. You don’t have to love pink and fuzzy. You should, but you don’t have to. Krieg makes all sorts of designs for your bike. Or if you are a climber, they make chalk bags. And for everyone else, they make multiclavas (their version of the balaclava).

I was inspired to write this post not just because these products are so unique, but also because I have been so impressed with this little company.

Sam Krieg (I’m going to go out on a limb and say I believe he is the owner/founder) is extremely responsive and when I decide something isn’t quite what I want, he makes sure I get something I do want. No hassle.

Krieg supports their retailers and ask that you try to buy from a local shop. If your shop doesn’t have what you want, you can ask them to give your local shop credit for the sale if you ship it to them. I think that goes above and beyond.

The bike saddlebags are really well designed, with Velcro that doubles over itself for a solid attachment with no hanging ends. I’ve never had mine even come slightly loose. I am now waiting on my two new furry bags to bling out my other bikes: one in Giraffe and one in Pink Zebra.

I don’t know if Krieg is still making the food bags, I don’t see them on the website, but if you wanted one, you could always ask Sam. You never know!

So, you have a choice: You could have bike envy. Or you could get your own. Check their stuff out here:


Your bike is begging you to not be so boring. Seriously, can you not hear it?