Hailstorms in an Airstream are quite loud. We experienced one last night as this current weather system settled in. All four of us were staring at the ceiling in awe as the hail pelted down. There was impressive thunder and lightning too. The runt trailer did just fine!

The lull before the storm!

The forecast for today was (and is) rain, rain and more rain. It has been coming down steadily. We had another leisurely start to the morning; then I went for a swim. Puck and I lucked out with 45 minutes of no rain for a little walk on some trails near town. I think I have mentioned he is not a big fan of rain. He is even less of a fan of running on pavement (it usually involves being on leash). Well this is supposed to last through the morning so we may have to run on pavement in the rain in the morning. If he knew how to call the SPCA, he would.

I have nothing exciting to report. I have been sitting at my favorite Sun Valley coffee house and am about to order a second coffee! I have at least knocked some things off my work to do list.

I may see Wonder Woman at the movie theater this afternoon. Rainy days just seem meant for movies! I will let you know how it is, if you haven’t seen it. I don’t know what to expect but it seems to be getting decent reviews?? And who doesn’t love Wonder Woman?

Hopefully the rain will be done with us tomorrow morning. I have big plans if it does. And if not, we’ll take it easy and shift our big plans to Wednesday.

People keep asking me if I am a photographer because I bought several pieces of Peak Design gear before coming on this trip. As you probably noticed, I am not a photographer! I have taken more photos on this trip than on all our trips in the last 20 years combined.

One of my pre-trip purchases was a new camera: the Olympus Tough TG-4. But I really needed a way to attach the camera to my pack for easy access; without that I knew I wouldn’t use it. After some searching I found the Peak Design Capture Pro. It has a really cool design, allowing me to clip the camera right onto my pack strap. I have been using it on my running and biking packs and it has worked amazingly well. I thought it would be really cumbersome/annoying to have a camera sticking out from my shoulder strap, but I hardly notice it. And my camera is right there to grab without having to remove my pack. When my hands are cold I have even resorted to contorting myself and taking photos with it still attached (cold fingers can’t push release button). Highly recommended.

I was so impressed with the Capture Pro design that I decided I needed a new Peak Design backpack (Everyday Backpack) and travel purse (Field Pouch). Their equipment is designed with photographers in mind, but they have worked great for me. They are really well built and thoughtfully designed. And they look cool too. Apparently they are also waterproof, which I just noticed today. Bonus!

As with my other reviews I did not receive any free gear from Peak Design (darn it) to give them this plug. But I am sure I would accept if they come knocking! Their website in case you decide you might want some of their gear: www.peakdesign.com