Juice cleanse day 5 today. Day 5 of 5. Almost there! I feel great; this was definitely the reset I was looking for. My energy has been good and my body and mind feel so much better. Mission accomplished.

I know that I feel best when I eat just enough to support my training load. When I go over that I start to feel sluggish; this becomes a vicious cycle because when I am tired and feeling sluggish, I eat. This week really hammered this home. Here are some observations & thoughts while they are fresh in my mind:

  • I was able to support a normal training load. I thought I might have to tone down the intensity in CrossFit more than I did. And on the two longer / harder days (one run and one bike), I felt surprisingly great.
  • I did make the decision to fuel with real food immediately after my two harder endurance workouts. On each of those days I ate 2 of my homemade energy balls immediately after the workout. I think that really helped. It wasn’t much, but I got it in the critical glycogen window.
  • I never once felt bonky. Not even on the first day.
  • The feeling of starvation has faded. The first day was the worst in terms of hunger. Now I am craving real food but it isn’t because I feel really hungry. I think I’m just done with liquid fuel for a while.
  • Liquid goes through your system really quickly…
  • I haven’t been hangry at all. Amazing really.


Note that:

  • I did not cut out my daily coffee. That would have made me crabby.
  • I did not cut out my evening glass of wine. Let’s just refer to it as fermented grape JUICE. I did keep it to one glass; funny how long one bottle can last when you do that.


So there you have it. I can’t say I enjoy doing this, but it is an effective means to an end for me. And if any of you ever consider doing one of these juice cleanses, hopefully my experience will help.