I realize that pretty soon I am going to have to stop just telling you what a great day we had. I’ll try to be more creative going forward. But for now… It was another great day out here in Bend! We are getting the hang of this – it’s tough, but we are glad to do it.

We woke up to cool and cloudy with a few sprinkles. Puck and I were both a little tired, so we did a long early morning rike (run/hike, heavy on the hike) on the Storm King trail. We are going to try to explore as many trails as we can. It would help if I was faster, we could cover more distance, but Puck is happy to chase rodents and attempt to climb trees. He’s working on it. He WILL get that squirrel.

After CrossFit, I decided to check out the outdoor pool. I was hoping it would keep sprinkling, I love swimming in the rain. It feels decadent: Ha ha, I’m already wet, silly rain. No love today, just cold and cloudy. But it’s a nice pool. I figure I need to swim at least a little bit so I don’t completely suffer in my next triathlon. I’m not really in a training mentality, you may have noticed, so my only goal is to try to minimize the race day suffering.

Yea. I didn’t take this photo…

Today’s coffee stop was Backporch Coffee Roasters. Bonus: All the coffee shops here have Hemp “milk”. Of course they do! There is something about hemp in a latte, so good. Cute place; will put it on the list if I need to revisit.

Puck and I took a trip to the river after his dinner so he could play a bit. He loves this spot; it’s the perfect beach for him. He was a little confused that there was a person in the water today; luckily that person took one look at us and exited quickly. So we had it to ourselves!

Now I am sitting here, drinking a tasty Hefeweizen at Sunriver Brewing Co. I have so many breweries I want to try. I haven’t drunk this much beer in a long time: I’m up to a whopping 3 glasses (almost 4) for the trip. I’m not usually a beer drinker. I expect that total will increase quickly; I can’t be in Bend and not drink beer! Sunriver won today because I was craving sweet potato fries, which they claim to have.

At least I’m not the only one…

Apparently not many people drink beer at 4:00 on a Wednesday. That just means parking is easy.

I am so enamored with Bend that I extended my stay here two days and pushed out my Sun Valley stay (that’s the next stop) a couple days. So I’ll be here another week – yippee!! I have been obsessively checking the Sun Valley trail website and today was the first glimmer of hope that they are starting to open up. By the time we get there, I think we will have some good options.

I have to admit that the first couple days of this adventure had me worried. But it is turning into exactly what I hoped.