What a trip. I am sad it is coming to an end. It doesn’t feel like time has flown by though. We have done so much, had so much fun. It has been exactly what I wanted. Adventure. Relaxation. Something to counter the insanity in the world.

Lots of water!

Sun Valley gave us a wonderful final day. Perfect temperatures. No precipitation. I made Puck go a little further than he desired this morning on the mountain bike, but it’s for the best. A tired dog means a happy Mom. Tomorrow we won’t get much exercise. We will be up early to pack up and head toward Park City, our final (brief) stop. Two nights there; on to Denver Sunday.

It feels like we are leaving Sun Valley at just the right time. Town is filling. The RV Park is filling. You can’t even see our runt trailer because it is hidden behind huge RV buses. I think on our next RV adventure… we will attempt to stay at some campgrounds. They aren’t as convenient – the RV parks have electricity, water, sewer – but I think it would be very peaceful. We’ll see. I have some time to plan before summer 2018!

I realize I forgot to tell you about Wonder Woman, the movie. I loved it. This Wonder Woman is a gorgeous badass. I thought they did a really good job with the whole story line. It’s long but you don’t notice because it is full of great action. I would definitely tell you to go see it if you like the superhero genre of movie.

And the Town Square Tavern last night was amazing. Put it on your list for your Sun Valley visit.

I haven’t mentioned before but most (all?) of our rides and runs have passed through burn areas. The West always has its share of forest fires so you forget about all the really big ones; I think the dam

Black & White

age I am seeing here is from 2013, based on my Google search. Wildfires are so destructive, and you wish they didn’t have to happen. But I think the aftermath is strangely beautiful. Stark.

It is a lovely evening to sit outside. Puck is passed out in the RV, I’ll see if I can get him out later when it quiets down. He likes to hang out on the grass and watch the goings on. And wonder at all the little yappy dogs, which seem to be the RV dog of choice. Maya and Makoya would really like to hang out outside too, but since my screen shelter experiment failed I haven’t been able to make that happen. That’s on the list for next time! Maya sits by the screen door and cries at me: LET ME OUT!

Luckily we’ve been active because my intake of good wine, beer, chocolate, coffee and food has been impressive. A detox period may be in order come Monday… but it’s not Monday yet!