Puck is 4 years old today – in some ways it seems like just yesterday that I drove from Duluth to Denver with a petrified 9 month old Puck in the back looking at me like I was the Devil incarnate. In other ways it feels like he has always been my lovable brat; we’ve been through a lot in 3+ years. Already I have so many wonderful memories with this special boy. Hopefully there will be many years more.

This post will be short. We are in Denver for a short weekend and family reunion. We will head back to Crested Butte tomorrow. My Mom, sister and nephew are here for a couple days; it is wonderful to see them.

It’s been hot in Denver so Puck thinks I am purposely torturing him when I make him run in the morning heat. It’s good for both of us, in a painful sort of way, and makes us appreciate the mountains that much more.

As we were out on the trail this morning – thankfully it was overcast – I thought of how much I rely on Puck. A dog’s love is so pure. Puck forgives me every time I am not a perfect human (often). He knows when I need a good nuzzle (also often). He makes me laugh; the kind of laugh that lifts my spirits immediately. He looks at me as if I am the most wonderful person on the planet. And I guess since I control his food, that’s true, at least at mealtime.

I wouldn’t change a thing about this crazy mutt. He is my constant companion and I feel so lucky to have him.

Now go hug your dog!