We are back in Sedona. After a few lovely trail adventures in Payson and another vet visit, we packed up and drove back here on Tuesday. We will be here for two weeks! Yahoo!!!

On Saturday when I took Maya to the vet in Payson, I was pretty sure she was about to die. The vet thought so too. I’m not sure what changed after that visit – perhaps Maya knows how to read and noticed the word Euthanasia on the vet report – but she started eating again. She’s not eating much, but she is eating. I took her to our Sedona vet yesterday. She had lost more weight, but hopefully that will change. She is on an 8-week antibiotic treatment (there is a slight chance this was caused by a bad infection), so we’ll go in each week for a shot and more fluids. It’s a good thing she loves going to the vet so much, ha ha. I keep giving her fluids at home, but those attempts are only partially successful and usually end with a fountain of fluid going all over the place.

Hopefully Maya will continue to be the Comeback Kitty!

Mean Girl Makoya is still being mean to her sister, but she’s getting better. I took her to the vet yesterday with Maya so they could test her blood (kidneys are fine!). She got a little taste of what Maya had been through, maybe that will make her more compassionate (ha). Hopefully they will reconcile as Maya improves.

We found colors on our final hike in Payson!

Puck and I continue our exploring. The weather has been spectacular, and the leaves are changing. Wednesday we went out for an early morning bike ride in the Soldiers Wash area (close to town). No one was on the trail, which was great. I have to ride really slowly and walk a lot of the uphill to keep my effort in check; Puck has no problem with that, he gets more time to explore.

As we were heading down the Adobe Jack trail that would take us back to the car, a coyote ran across the trail not far ahead of us. I called Puck to me and then noticed another and another and… well let’s just say I SAW six coyotes, I don’t know how many more there were. They were not afraid of me at all and had no desire to leave us alone; I started yelling and acting like a crazy woman. This caused them to retreat a bit. They were still clearly not afraid. So much for keeping my heart rate down! I think both Puck and I felt hunted as we hauled ass down the rest of the trail. I kept looking around to see if they were following us, but if they were, they were keeping enough distance so I couldn’t see them. At the very end of the ride we passed a man with two snack sized dogs. They were on leash… but I warned him anyhow.

Today we took a field trip to Flagstaff with the goal of a swim/paddle in Lake Mary, which is a short distance from Flagstaff. The drive up through Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff was beautiful. We stopped for a little hike on the other side: It was a lot colder up there and I had to scavenge every bit of clothing I could find in the car. Puck was in heaven. After that we stopped in for my new addiction – the Superfood Coffee at the Local Juicery (they have one in Flagstaff too). I don’t recognize half the ingredients they mix in, but it is good. I suspect it is not all that good FOR me, but, hey, it’s full of Superfoods so what the hell.

Former lake…

We drove on to Lake Mary. I had been told the lake was down quite a bit, but I think it might need to be relabeled Mud Puddle Mary. There was still water in the main part of the lake, but it was so brown that I couldn’t see letting Puck swim or bothering to get my paddleboard out. If I fell in, I might never come back out. We tried two other nearby lakes, but they were both completely gone, just marshy depressions. It was sad. Poor Puck. I’ll try to find a good swimming hole in Oak Creek.

I did yoga again and am going to do more while I’m here in Sedona. It feels good (when I’m done); more importantly it feels like I need it. We are exploring trails slowly, but we don’t mind, it is lovely to be out and be in such a beautiful place.

Other than being awash in cat pee (fortunately all in the litter box since Maya’s one accident), life is good!