We have arrived in Bend! It was a very busy day so this will be short. More tomorrow. I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day!

We started the day in Boise with another nice run. Back to the trailer to pack up and hit the road. The kitties seem to have adjusted to their travel arrangements and everyone is traveling well.

The drive from Boise to Bend is quite beautiful. 2 lane road pretty much the whole way but not much traffic. We had one gas stop at a one pump station/local lunch spot in the middle of nowhere, where I got some city slicker looks from the old ranchers sitting at the counter. I really wanted to say “hey, I grew up shoveling pig sh**” but I refrained.

We are staying at a very nice RV Resort in Bend, it makes the others look like we were slumming it! Once I set up our house, I left the kids and jetted off to 1: REI – see new screen shelter in photo!; 2: Outdoor consignment shop where old screen shelter went to find another home; 3: Pet food store; 4: Coffee; 5: Car wash to clean bikes of bug splat and rain/hail travel residue.

Back home and I had the screen shelter up in under 30 minutes – should have gone this route originally, oh well!

My first impression is that I am going to love Bend… more on that as we explore!