We hope we are headed to blue skies and dry trails. Or at least in that general direction!

We were up and out the door early this morning, headed to the one trail that was supposedly open. I did my homework and checked the trail conditions website – a few miles of green/open. YES! We arrived at Devil’s Backbone trailhead (which ominously says “trails closed”) and there is a sad race director waiting to hand out t-shirts to all the participants of his race that he had to cancel.

Because ALL the trails are closed. Oops, someone forgot to turn the green to red on the website. He kindly points me in the direction of Coyote Ridge, which he says will definitely be open. Our spirits are high again as we drive another 15 minutes to that trailhead. I see cars! I see a sign that says “NO DOGS”. NOOOOOOOO…

Poor Puck is trying to be patient, but he’s antsy. I’m frustrated and I can’t find any open trails other than the city trails where he has to be on leash.

In desperation, I drive back to Devil’s Backbone area, then follow random roads until I come to a spot that seems relatively untraveled so we could walk down the road! At least Puck could be off leash, that’s something! But we are ready for some real trail time.

We spent more time organizing and figuring out how everything works. Tomorrow will be our first test. It took me several hours to figure out how to turn my iPad into a mobile hotspot (wifi is slow here and I suspect in future parks). I bought the 30 day Hotspot plan and it helpfully told me that the 30 day plan would start when my existing 3 month data plan expired. Oh, that’s helpful, I really want a Hotspot in July. Thanks AT&T. Multiple calls, canceled accounts and an hour yelling at my iPad later… and it works!

Maya has been quite social, Makoya is still happiest in the litter box though she is venturing out more. The best purchase I made for this trip was the little portable vacuum!

Tomorrow (Monday) we have a morning driving lesson, then a short few hours to our midway stop in Wyoming on our way to Park City. I know there are trails open in Park City. And I figure we’ll be in the boonies of Wyoming so we’ll find a dirt road if the trails aren’t open! Perhaps the scenic byway will be closed to cars and we can run on it. Fingers crossed.

It will be the first day the kitties have been in the Trailer while it is moving. We’ll see how it goes… wish us luck!