Yes, I HAVE had several coffees today!!!

We made it to Sedona yesterday after a 7-hour drive through rain and snow. The Arizona roads we drove could be in a campaign for (the need for) new infrastructure spending. To be fair, they probably don’t feel as bad when not driving a lurching Suburban with a 6000-pound trailer. My Volvo was much smoother, so I suspect it is mostly the Suburban. With all the rain and snow I felt like I was in a boat on choppy water. It was not a relaxing drive!

The second we turned off the highway to the road that leads to Sedona, however, the pavement was absolutely amazing. Hmmm…

I am in awe that the kitties STILL did not pee or poop on the bed. It is possible they were too busy holding on for dear life. At some point during our drive, the microwave decided to rearrange itself. Thankfully it stopped short of falling out. That would have undoubtedly caused an immediate poop/pee reaction in both kitties. It seems Airstream has become a victim of its success and resorted to crappy construction to meet the demand. I’m fixing things with glue and duct tape.

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and I remember the first time I saw it, it took my breath away. That’s kind of how I felt driving into Sedona. I can’t wait to see it on a sunny beautiful day.

Unexpected stream crossing: Bonus!

It is overcast again today but Puck and I have had two nice easy hikes. I’m trying to get a hang of the different trail systems. It will take some time, especially at my new very slow pace.

Between these two hikes, I dragged my overworked adrenals to yoga, in hopes of convincing them I love them and want them to be happy. As I lowered myself down to the mat with the grace of the tin man, I realized that I needed this more than I knew. I’m broken. Let’s hope the yoga helps.

I found a good coffee shop: Creekside Coffee. I’m sitting here right now. More importantly I found an amazing healthy food place: It’s called the Local Juicery but they have all sorts of good stuff on the menu. Today I had some loaded oatmeal concoction. Good for the soul.

Breaking news: I learned how to use Amazon Lockers! I feel so hip! I had forgotten my camera mount and had to order a new one; I shipped it to the Amazon locker in the Sedona Whole Foods. Pretty nifty. You scan your bar code; your little locker opens; and VOILA! your package!

Maya trying to snuggle with her brother.

Maya is not doing great. I got some wet food in her a day ago, but the last couple of wet food attempts have failed. I’m going to buy more of the flavor she actually ate to see if she will eat it again. At least she is drinking water. If I can’t get her to eat I will have to find a vet. She looks so sad and skinny. Poor girl.

We head to Payson tomorrow for 6 days then we will be back to Sedona for two whole weeks! It is a little disjointed. There is a reason for this. I had originally planned to do the Arizona ½ Ironman in Tempe this weekend. Yes, I am a bit (massively) delusional. It seemed like such a great idea mid-summer. However, as I was walking the last half of the Vermont 50 mountain bike ride I realized I needed to cancel all thoughts of any future races until I recover. ANYHOW, suddenly I needed to find a place to go in lieu of Tempe for the next 6 days. Payson looked cute – it’s in the Tonto (or Cococino, I can’t quite tell at the moment) National Forest – and close to Sedona. It will be a new place to explore!

Here’s hoping for sunny days in our future!