Hello from sunny Park City! It is beautiful here and we are gearing up for our first real trail run tomorrow morning. We woke up this morning with ice on the car and snow on the trees in Saratoga, WY. Puck and I drove down the beginning of the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. Beautiful! The sun was peaking out of the clouds (just barely) and the snow on the trees completed the picture. We found a nice dirt (mud) road and went for a chilly hike. It was just what we needed before our drive to Park City.

Glad I brought the fluffy coat!

We were on the road at just before 10. I am getting the hang of the RV set up and break down. This time, however, I clearly didn’t latch the table well. I don’t know if it was the sudden movement of the table that scared the pee out of one of the kitties or if it was just more travel growing pains, but when I checked in on them about 100 miles from Park City, I found a nice circle of cat pee on the bedding. Stupidly, I only had half the bed covered with a waterproof blanket. I won’t make that mistake again!

So, our expected leisurely evening in Park City turned into a mad dash to the grocery store for Pee Away (yep, it is called that), vinegar and lots of paper towels, then on to the (apparently only) Laundromat in town! We are now back home, a little discombobulated, un-showered, but hoping the next couple of days are less exciting. No flat tires, no cat pee, no hail. Please.

We have 2 full days in Park City and there is a nice river near our RV park that I hope Puck and I can hang out in in the afternoons… I could use a good ice bath, and Puck is always game for water.

That’s all for now!