We made it to beautiful Sun Valley! I’d like to take just a moment to pat myself on the back for my destination choices. As I recently told a friend, I figured this trip would either be a disaster or it would be amazing. And I got amazing. Make that double amazing.

We were up way too early on Wednesday to pack up and hit the road, but it was worth it to make it to Sun Valley in the afternoon. The drive went pretty smoothly. I had to find a place to pull over in the middle of nowhere to let Puck go potty. YEP, more bad beans. I should point out that this is not unusual for Puck; his stomach is as weak as his knees. But after that emergency stop, he was good for the rest of the day.


Clearly Maya (I’m assuming it was Maya, I could be wrong but she does have a suspect history) was not happy with the early start, so she pooped on the bed. But it was a nice poop, no diarrhea, so who am I to complain? I guess she just felt like she could not be bothered to make it to the litter box. I don’t really understand my animals. I think that is probably a good thing. What would it say about me if I DID?

For those who don’t know (I didn’t), Oregon and at least the Western part of Idaho do not have self-service at gas stations. So at one of our gas stops, the guy took my credit card and started filling us up. I went into the store, went to the restroom, bought some water. PLENTY OF TIME. When I came back out, I got right in and started pulling away. Clunk. What the heck was that? One look back and I realized the pump was still attached to my car! Well it had been, it wasn’t any longer. I guess this was only half service? Luckily I did not do any damage to the car or the pump. So I casually put the pump back on its hook, closed my gas tank and drove away.

We made it to Ketchum/Sun Valley around 4:00. The rest of the day was spent organizing, finding a paper map, trying to find coffee. Coffee shops were all closed. I’m not in Bend anymore, clearly. We were all a little out of sorts after being in the car all day. Probably the multiple chocolate bars I ate didn’t help. And that sugary coffee drink. Oops. Long car trips do me in. My limit is about 5 hours; then I fall apart and go on a sugar binge.

Early morning fun!

We are going to really enjoy Sun Valley – the only negative right now is that the rivers and creeks are all at flood stage so some trails are closed because of creek crossings. I think it works in my favor because it limits my choices a bit! Today we had a beautiful early morning mountain bike ride on some of the Adam’s Gulch trails just North of Ketchum. Stunning scenery, wildflowers everywhere, it was a great way to start. I can’t say I accomplished much today other than that mountain bike ride. Still a little out of sorts I think. I did drop in at CrossFit, which was fun. The owner/coach is really nice. He wore his bike helmet the whole time. Granted he did ride his bike there, so maybe it was just easier to leave it on. Or he’s been hit with a flying medicine ball before.

Tomorrow we will be back on our game!

I have not found my go to coffee shop yet. I struck out twice today. I only have so many options, but I am hopeful. It’s out there somewhere.

Happy happy joy joy

I took Puck on an afternoon walk to a creek. His happy spot. Now I am at Warfield Distillery & Brewery in Ketchum. I scored on my beer choice, unlike coffee. It is going to be a real shocker when I realize I can’t just go drink beer at 4:30 every day. HOWEVER, I’m still on my adventure so I can still drink beer at 4:30! It’s a nice place and the beer is really good. Just having one. I have to have some rules here.

I apologize if this post is a little low energy; will do better tomorrow.