I may have forgotten to mention that Mark and I were supposed to be in Corsica – cycling – right now. For several weeks after I tore up my knee, I was determined I could make it work.

I would take my hand cycle: Logistical nightmare.

I would rent a hand cycle: Yea, right, they have just started renting normal bicycles in Corsica.

I would find water sports I could do: Um, stand up paddle boarding not advised at this point in recovery.

I would sit on the beach all day: Ha ha ha ha ha. Snort. Yea right.

Once I exhausted all my options, we decided that perhaps Corsica would have to wait.

Plan B: Sun Valley via Park City. Sound familiar? While the weather can always be iffy this time of year, it can also be an amazing time to hit the trails (or the dirt roads in my case). And since I enjoyed these places so much in the first go round (via RV), I had no hesitation recommending this as our back up plan.

So far we have been fairly lucky with the weather. It is chilly, but we have had no significant precipitation (yet). And the fall colors are in full force.

I flew back from Vermont Monday afternoon and did a quick repack in Denver. Tuesday morning, I left from Denver and Mark and Puck left from Fraser to converge on Grand Junction, where we ditched one car and headed on to Park City.

On the first morning, I pointed Mark in the direction of one of my favorite Park City trails (Flying Dog!) and Puck and I did a turn on our hand cycling trails. Then I showed Mark my favorite coffee shop. And pointed out the location of the fateful slip and soar at the Olympic Park. We topped off the day with dinner at High West.

On Thursday we drove on to Sun Valley. Where I showed Mark my favorite coffee shop…


Mark and I have been alternating Puck exercise days and he is one pooped pup. Just how we like him. Mark has also gotten in a couple serious mountain bike rides here and been impressed with the trails. I knew he would be. Yay Sun Valley and Park City!

Today I found the perfect hand cycling dirt road. It has a nice gentle grade so I can pedal consistently without feeling like my arms are going to fall off. It was a beautiful morning and a balmy 29 degrees (not Celsius). Even with multiple layers and Mark’s super duper bike gloves, I had some (very) chilly moments. The downhill trip was particularly hard on my feet since they don’t do anything but sit there and get cold.

It was still wonderful to be out on a beautiful morning. Puck found a perfect water stop where he was able to submerge to chest depth. His preferred water depth. This is the dog I find shivering uncontrollably if the house is in the low 60s. No one will ever say he is normal.


We are hitting my Sun Valley favorites (listen to me, I’ve been here once, and now I have favorites) for dinner. Hey, go with what works. At our first dinner stop, we had the same waitress I had back in June. She remembered my RV and me tip tapping away on my computer (blog post) with a glass of wine.

We found a store that I had somehow missed: Elephant’s Perch. Ooh la la, how did I miss this one? Seriously good outdoors stuff, if you ever find yourself here with money burning a hole in your pocket. Both Mark and I agreed we could do some damage in that store. We’ll see if we can resist going back. I don’t think I would take that bet.