The flying circus prepares for take off.

It’s funny. I’ve never been interested in RV travel. If you had me rank a list of 100 things I’d be likely to do, that wouldn’t have been on it. So no one was more surprised than me when I decided to rent an Airstream travel trailer to take me, one crazy dog and two psychotic cats on a month long road trip. I can’t swear there wasn’t wine involved in the initial decision. But when I woke up the next morning I knew I had to do it. Why? Hell if I know. Admittedly life threw me a curve ball this year. Maybe this is me taking a wild swing.

I have been a planning machine for the last two months. This is not a large trailer, my Volvo can only pull a 22 foot Airstream. It’s lucky really, given that I have never pulled anything behind any vehicle. I had to figure out how 90 pounds of dog, two travel-challenged cats, and me, with all our gear, fit. Amazon Prime loves me.

About a month ago, after having the opportunity to drive around the block with said trailer attached, I had a panic attack. I CAN’T DRIVE WITH THIS THING BEHIND ME!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE??! Enter Tim, my RV driving instructor, who agreed to meet with me before I take off to teach me the basics.

My trip starts this weekend, I’m excited, a bit nervous, but ready for adventure! My instruction was supposed to be Friday. Mother Nature clearly didn’t get the memo. On Thursday, after snow and rain all day and hearing “Powerful winter storm” about 50 times, I called Tim and we postponed my lesson to Sunday. Thank you Tim! He reminds me of my stepfather, Lyle, an old rancher. I think he knows he is my lifeline right now. I need someone to show me how to handle this thing.

So stay tuned, we head 50 miles to Loveland Colorado early Saturday morning befo

Just in case

re traffic starts (baby steps). Driving lesson on Sunday. The true journey West begins Monday. I am so excited, although there is always the possibility that it will end with two cats on the side of the road with a sign that says “2 Gud Kats Pleez Help”.

P.S. I would like to thank Chip for the Flying Circus moniker. When he said it to me I thought it really was the perfect description!