Before I go on, I would just like to say thank you to everyone reading this. I realize there isn’t much of interest going on in the world these days… but I appreciate knowing that at least a few people out there are reading my ramblings. It is fun for me to write them.

My day was better already

I didn’t exactly leap out of bed this morning ready to start the day. Diarrhea boy had me up at 3:00 for an emergency outing. The kitties decided it must be breakfast time. When our scheduled wake up time arrived, I wanted to keep hiding under the covers. I dragged my butt out of bed and got the day started, knowing I would feel better for it. Our hike (it was scheduled as a run, but that wasn’t happening today) took us into hills of wildflowers under cool cloudy skies. We scared up what I assume was a moose from the sound of it, but we never saw it. Fine by me. As long as it’s not running me down from behind!

I was especially thankful today that the CrossFit gym here is pretty lax/low key. I still get a good workout, but I don’t feel like I have to try to kill it. Which is good when you just want a nap.

I was all prepped to go for a short mountain bike ride post CrossFit. It was cool enough for Puck to hang in the car so I suited up and headed out. About 10 minutes into the ride I tried to clip out of my right pedal. Nope. Tried again. Uh uh. Fortunately I had enough momentum so I didn’t just tip over, foot in pedal, which is often what happens when you can’t clip out. On inspection I saw that my cleat was quite loose. Something I should have noticed had I been inspecting them regularly. But it always seems like tomorrow is a good day to do that… oops.

It was at this point I also noticed that I had not put my bike multi tool in my new mountain bike pack. Double oops: Doesn’t take care of gear! AND gets caught unprepared! Great rookie moves, Cary.

I briefly considered continuing on my loop, which would have moved it from a rookie move to just plain dumb; definitely eligible for the SMRT award we used to give out in our adventure racing days. I wisely decided that the BIG DOG in the sky did not want me to bike today and turned back.

On the positive side, I now have shiny new cleats on my mountain bike shoes!

I dropped Puck back home and ventured out in search of coffee (and to do some much needed work, what a slacker!). I thought it funny that I should end up in the Leadville Espresso House. In Idaho. But I did. It is definitely the current blue ribbon winner. I have one more place to try. They don’t seem to have heard of the Cold Brew craze here, but the Americano was drinkable. I don’t think I will be gushing about the coffee here; I’ll take drinkable.

Brave crossing tester

After Puck’s dinner, we drove down to scout out the creek crossing on tomorrow’s planned mountain bike ride. There are a lot of HIGH WATER CROSSING – BRIDGE OUT – PROCEED WITH CAUTION alerts flashing all over the local trail website and this was one of them. The water crossing on tomorrow’s ride is about a mile from the trailhead, so we hiked in to check it out. It is definitely moving fast, but I was expecting raging river. I suppose you could get swept away if you were a toddler or Chihuahua. Or drunk. But just to be safe, I suggested to Puck that he test it out for us. He bravely crossed over and then, after some coaxing, crossed back. Success!

As long as it doesn’t snow, we should be good. There has definitely been a shift in the weather, but it mainly looks unsettled and cool, so we’ll keep fingers and paws crossed.